I'm Salauddin Kazi a.k.a SALLU, specializing in 3D Crowd Simulations and CG Pipeline Development for film and tv.

With 18 years of experience in CG production, my comprehensive knowledge spans the entire CGI production process. A substantial part of my career has been dedicated to crowd simulations, where I have honed the skills of optimization, a crucial factor for achieving success in this field. During this time I have worked as Crowd TD, Lighting TD, Pipeline TD and Generalist TD.

I am deeply passionate about leveraging emerging technologies like robotics, digital twins, and autonomous vehicles to connect industries.

Currently I'm employed at Scanline VFX, Vancouver as Crowd Department Supervisor.

Feel free to check my showreel and resume or drop me a line to get in contact with me.

Scanline VFX - VancouverJune 2020 to till date
Crowd Department Supervisor
Proactively identify and resolve technical challenges during the early stages of show production. Lead the design and development of crowd pipeline and workflows, ensuring seamless integration of model, rig, and material data into crowd simulations, resulting in optimized outputs for lighting and rendering. Provide technical support to both team and other departments. Maya, Houdini, Golaem, 3d Studio Max and V-Ray.

The Three-Body Problem
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Black Adam
The Gray Man
The Batman
Don't Look Up
Lisey's Story
Image Engine Inc - VancouverNov 2019 to May 2020
Pipeline Technical Director (Crowds)
Specialized in the development and maintenance of crowd simulation pipelines, providing support to artists and productions. Houdini, Gaffer, Atoms Crowd and Arnold.

The Mandalorian - Chapter 10: The Passenger (S2E2)
Cinesite - VancouverMay 2018 to Aug 2019
Lead Crowd TD
Enhanced pipeline integration by creating specialized tools for crowd workflow. These tools streamlined the process of crowd character setup, encompassing rig and animation conversion, while also facilitating crowd simulation generation and shot layout. Additionally, provided support for lighting and rendering aspects of the project. Maya, Golaem, Katana and Renderman.

The Addams Family
Method Studios - VancouverJuly 2016 to May 2018
Senior Technical Director (Crowds)
Engaged in the development and support of CG crowd simulations, where I played a pivotal role in crafting and documenting tools. These tools were vital resources for artists to enhance their workflow within the production pipeline. Python, PyQt and in-house software (mongo database, Rez packaging system). Maya, Golaem, V-Ray.

Black Panther
Thor: Ragnarok
Spider-Man: Homecoming (uncredited)
FRAMESTORE CFC - LondonApril 2015 to June 2016
Senior Technical Director (Crowds)
Layout and Simulation of armies marching and attacking, using Massive, Maya, Arnold and other proprietary tools.

King Arthur
Now You See Me 2
GOLAEM S.A - RennesAug 2014 to Mar 2015
VFX/Animation Support Specialist
In my role, I provided comprehensive support to visual effects and animation studios utilizing the Golaem Crowd Simulation plugin for Maya. My responsibilities encompassed training, expertly troubleshooting issues and optimizing workflows, creating thorough documentation, and actively participating in beta testing to enhance the plugin's functionality.
FRAMESTORE CFC - LondonMay 2014 to Aug 2014
Technical Director (Crowds)
Layout and Simulation of armies marching and attacking, using Golaem, Maya, Arnold and other proprietary tools.

Dracula Untold
ANIMAL LOGIC - SydneyFeb 2012 to Feb 2013
Technical Director (Crowds)
Designed and simulated crowd agents using Massive, Maya, Houdini, and Renderman. Furthermore, I developed Python-based tools in both Maya and Houdini to optimize shot production processes. In addition, I diligently documented workflow procedures and compiled a troubleshooting guide for seamless project execution. Massive, Maya, Houdini, Renderman.

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D
RISING SUN PICTURES - AdelaideNov 2011 to Jan 2012
Technical Director (Crowds)
Layout and Simulation of crowds for the Tribute Parade Sequence using Massive, Maya and 3Delight.

The Hunger Games (uncredited)
Dr D STUDIOS - SydneyNov 2010 to Oct 2011
Technical Director (Crowds)
Composed crowd layouts of penguins using proprietary tools with Maya, Cortex, Houdini, 3Delight pipeline. I assumed the role of shot lighting and rendering for FX elements in the final production phases, expertly utilizing Houdini, Nuke, and 3Delight. I also dedicated my efforts to testing and documenting production tools.

Happy Feet Two 3D
ANIMAL LOGIC - SydneyMar 2010 to July 2010
Technical Director (Crowds)
Crowd agent design, layout and simulation for the orc fighting sequence using Maya, Massive and Renderman.

Sucker Punch
NWAVE DIGITAL - BrusselsNov 2008 to Sept 2009
Lighting Artist
Lighting of Hero characters and environments using Maya, 3Delight and Renderman.

Sammy’s Adventures - The Secret Passage 3D
PRANA STUDIOS - MumbaiSept 2007 to Nov 2008
Technical Director (Crowds & Lighting)
Look Dev and Shot Lighting using Maya and Renderman. Developed crowd agents and using Maya, Massive and Renderman.

Delhi 6
Tinker Bell
PRIME FOCUS - MumbaiDec 2006 to Aug 2007
Pipeline Technical Director
Successfully deployed and provided support for custom pipeline tools tailored to specific show requirements across multiple studio facilities. These tools were integral to a pipeline centered around Maya, Mental Ray, Digital Fusion, Python, and PHP, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Tales of The Riverbank
Crowd Simulations
CGI Lighting
3D Pipeline Development
Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
Tools & UI Development
Product Technical Support

Diploma with Honors in Visual Effects.
Art Institute of Vancouver
Certificate in Visual Effects and Digital Animation.
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Bachelors of Electrical and Electronics.
fxphd Jan 14 Term
Intermediate KATANA.
Real World Lighting and Rendering with Arnold.
fxphd Oct 13 Term
Introduction to KATANA.
Physically Plausible Shading in RenderMan Studio.
Production Shader Writing Fundamentals and Physically Plausible Shading.
Robotics (CSMM.103x)
A part of the MicroMasters AI Program from ColumbiaX online course.
Introduction to Robotics and ROS.
Robot Arms Introduction, URDF, Transforms, TF Library.
Stochastic Motion Planning, Differential Drive, Other Kinematics, Path Planning for Mobile Robots.
Visual Effects Society Awards - 2022 - Nominee
Outstanding Animated Character in an Episode or Real-Time Project - Lisey's Story (2021)

shared with: Mohsen Mousavi, Mattias Brunosson & Pablovsky Ramos-Nieves.

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